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Flowmeters - RTM3

The RTM3 flowmeter with floating ball is used to adjust and measure the flow of a gas that is to be delivered to patients through the respiratory tract. The RTM3 should be connected to a source of pressured gas on the wall either using a direct probe or a rail mounting system. It must be fitted at its outleteither with a humidifier/nebulizer or with an outlet tubing nipple.

Flowmeter with compensated pressure ensuring a perfect flowrate stability and accuracy. The scale works with the same pressure than the one of the network and is not sensitive to back-pressure.
Expanded scale providing higher reading accuracy for lower flowrates for 5 l/min and 15 l/min versions.
Type of “cartridge” knob, extremely reliable, easy-to-clean and ensuring an optimized adjustment. Perfect tightness of the knob thanks to its polyamide seat. We guarantee the closing of the knob during 5 years without any leakage.
Monoblock scale cover made of polycarbonate for a better sturdiness and a higher shock-resistance. No access to the scale by the patient.
A metallic sieve located at the inlet of the flowmeter protects the device against impurities of the gas network and thus ensures the protection of the patient. Filter porosity: 35 microns.
Body made of nickel-plated brass.
Unit serial number engraved on each flowmeter body for identification and traceability.

TM Catalogue RTM3

TM Catalogue RTM3

Gases :
O2, medical Air, CO2, Carbogen
Flowrates :
O2 and medical Air: 1.5 l/min (paediatric), 5 l/min, 15 l/min, 30 l/min
CO2: 12 l/min
Carbogen: 15 l/min