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Portable Patient Care Monitor Aria

Color Screen “5 LCD Touch Screen Type with 272 × 480 resolution
with ECG / SPO2 (Masimo) / NIBP / RESP / 2TEMP modules
Ability to display 3 to 5 curves (ECG only 7 ECG leads) and 6 parameters on one screen
( For Rainbow parameters, six parameters are added) 96-hour chart memory and 100 NIBP storage capability
Ability to change the layout of parameters on the screen by changing the screen (Multi Page)
Rechargeable internal battery in the system and bases F1 and F1R and operation with AC power
Three modes of adult, child and infant separately
Visual and auditory alarms and lead announcements are disconnected
Three types of filters to eliminate cutter and ambient noise
ECG signal storage for 35 seconds (Sigma)
Pace Maker signal detection and removal software
Battery life for 12 hours with F1 or F1R bases, small design and very low weight (800g \u003c)
Aria’s selectable features:
– CO2 (Main Stream Side Stream)

– Massimo Rainbow Set
– Wireless network to control the system (in production)

– (Cardiac Output (Coming Soon

– 12 ECG leads (in production)
Aria Available Chargers

– E1 standard charger

– E1R standard charger with terminal recorder

– F1 new charger with 12 hours of operation

– F1R new charger with 12 hours of performance and terminal record
Aria charging options

– Has an additional motherboard for separate processing of the second image

– Aria remote control